ANTONY MANNĀ  | Works/Projects

A middle-grade ghost story and murder mystery for children aged 7-13. Available in print or eBook.

Antelope’s first album Three Worlds. Written by Ian Neilson & Antony Mann, featuring Anne Crestani, Dave Crestani, jazz great James Greening, Raman Menon and many others.

When Marty is wrongly accused of sleeping with his friend Cal’s ex-girlfriend Louise, he decides to track her down and sleep with her out of revenge. Whoops, mistake!

Cover of Beachland - a novel by Antony Mann

Adult dystopian fiction about the end of the world, or the beginning, or something in between. Gratifyingly disturbing.

Poster for Missing - a short film by Antony Mann

A multi-award winning study of lost innocence and redemption. Starring Helena Zadro-Jones.

The theme song from Grey Ant Films’ Missing, written and recorded by We Are From Mars (Andy Mann & Antony Mann).

The Donner & Bulkowkovich stories. Surreal, bizarre, twisted, funny. All the good things.