What happens when a megalomaniac TV star slings his conscious mind into the mass subconscious of humanity? Generally speaking, nothing good.

Unfortunately for everyone, it’s only unassuming middle manager Ralph Prate who can hope to save the world. Can Ralph defeat twisted superstar Dregg Dormann before he wins the struggle against the Archetypes of the Unconscious and ushers in the Last Age of Man? Ralph must find Dormann’s off button before it’s too late, or see everything he loves destroyed.

A picture of the author looking serious. Looking at something, anyway.

BEACHLAND is a satirical science-fiction novel about one man’s quest to save a world steeped in mediocrity from an even greater mediocrity, in the face of overwhelming indifference, ennui and remarkably wicked evil.

Years in the writing, with attention spans so short these days, this book could well be years in the reading too. An epic yet trivial novel for the last ages of humanity, written to be savoured over decades – if we have that long.

The good news is, BEACHLAND will be available soon. So soon! I can almost taste it. Except, I don’t eat paper, so maybe I’m thinking of something else.