I started playing the guitar when I was about eighteen, but never got all that great. It feels like I’m only now getting to grips with it, forty years later. Instead, songwriting became my thing. To me it seems there is a connection between writing songs and writing short fiction. The best songs and short stories sometimes seem to come almost unbidden and fully formed. It can be a matter of grabbing hold of the inspiration and getting it written or recorded before it disappears. Where that inspiration comes from, who can say?

Early on, I wrote a lot of songs on the guitar, but I’ve never had a great voice, so for the most part they just sat there, unheard. Then, about ten years ago I found Cubase and started to learn the software. In recent years my solo music has been a mix of soft synths played through a MIDI controller, with some guitar as needed. A lot of it is instrumental, but I’ve also been blessed with the talents of some wonderful singers who have been kind enough to perform my material.

Thank you to Johnny Cordukes, Sarah Jane Spillane and Anne Crestani.

My Alcoholic Friends (Antony Mann)

Vocals: Johnny Cordukes

Piano, Synths, Percussion: Antony Mann

Dog Days (Antony Mann)

Vocals: Sarah Jane Spillane

Piano, Guitars, Synths: Antony Mann

Louise Theme Song (Antony Mann)

Vocals: Anne Crestani

Piano, Guitars, Synths, Percussion: Antony Mann

Metro (Antony Mann)

Synths: Antony Mann

Big End of Town (Antony Mann)

Vocals: Johnny Cordukes

Synths, Percussion: Antony Mann

White Noise (Antony Mann)

Vocals: Antony Mann

Synths: Antony Mann